home_alberoFB Health was founded with a specific and targeted mission: research, development and commercialization of innovative molecules for the prevention and treatment of diseases in the Psychiatric, Neurologic and Geriatric field.


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Nutraceutical product based on L-THEANINE, NATURAL EXTRACTS AND MELATONIN with Magnesium
. Useful to promote relaxation and sleep
. Insomnia is a very sensitive issue...

Nutraceutical product based on coenzyme Q10, RIBOFLAVIN, MAGNESIUM, and dry extracts of PARTENIO and ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA. A rational combination for prophylaxis migraine...




Section dedicated to the research on neurodegenerative diseases

Adequate knowledge of the key aspects of the cognitive impairment in its different clinical expressions is a prerequisite for improving the existing possibilities of care and treatment for people who are interested in...

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